1903 Copa del Rey Final

1903 Copa del Rey Final
Event 1903 Copa del Rey
Date 8 April 1903
Venue Hipódromo, Madrid
Referee José María Soler
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The 1903 Copa del Rey Final was the first final of the Copa del Rey, the Spanish football cup competition. The match took place on 8 April 1903 at the Hipódromo, Madrid. The match was contested by Athletic Bilbao and Madrid CF.

Athletic Bilbao lifted the trophy for the first time with a 3–2 victory over Madrid CF. Athletic Bilbao claims this trophy to be their second in a row, although the Royal Spanish Football Federation don't recognize the previous tournament as official.

Match details

8 April 1903
Athletic Bilbao 32 Madrid CF
Armand Cazeaux  55'
Eduardo Montejo  70'
Alejandro de la Sota  80'
Marqués de Valdeterrazo  15'
Sánchez Neyra  40'
Hipódromo, Madrid
Referee: José María Soler

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Spain Alejandro Acha
Spain Luis Silva
Spain Amado Arana
Spain Enrique Goiri
England George Cockram
Spain Manuel Ansoleaga
Spain Alejandro de la Sota
Spain Eduardo Montejo
Spain Juan Astorquia (c)
France Armand Cazeaux
England Walter Evans
England Arthur Johnson
Spain Rafael Molera
Spain Mario Giralt
Spain Armando Giralt
Spain José Giralt
France Henri Normand
France Pedro Parages
Spain Marqués de Valdeterrazo
Spain Sánchez Neyra
Guatemala Federico Revuelto (c)
Spain Manuel Vallarino


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