1893 in Argentine football

Football in Argentina
Season 1893
Primera División Lomas A.C.
1891 Argentina 1894

1893 in Argentine football saw the first league tournament organized by current Argentine Football Association. This league had been established by Alexander Watson Hutton,[1] considered "the father" of Argentine football. Lomas Athletic Club won its first title.

Only Buenos Aires al Rosario Railway survived from the 1891 championship.

Primera división

The championship took the format of a league of 5 teams, with each team playing the other twice.[2]

Argentine Association Football League

Pos Team Pts G W D L Gf Ga Gd
1 Lomas AC158710262+24
2 Flores108503199+10
3 Quilmes Rovers983321211+1
4 English High School 1 48125625-19
5 Buenos Aires and Rosario Railway28026319-16

1 It was registered as the football team of the School. The English High School Athletic Club would be established in 1898.


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