1641 Caracas earthquake

1641 Caracas earthquake
Date 11 June 1641 (1641-06-11)
Magnitude 6.5 Ms
Epicenter 11°00′N 67°00′W / 11.0°N 67.0°W / 11.0; -67.0Coordinates: 11°00′N 67°00′W / 11.0°N 67.0°W / 11.0; -67.0 [1]
Areas affected Venezuela, Caracas
Casualties 200 [1]

The 1641 Caracas earthquake took place in Venezuela on 11 June 1641. It is often known as the San Bernabé earthquake because 11 June is the feast day of Barnabas in the Catholic calendar.[2] The earthquake caused extensive damage in Caracas and the destruction of La Guaira; the event led the Caracas city council to propose rebuilding its city in what was then the savannah of Chacao, a move that was opposed by the Governor, Ruy Fernández de Fuenmayor.[3]

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