12th century

Millennium: 2nd millennium
Decades: 1100s 1110s 1120s 1130s 1140s
1150s 1160s 1170s 1180s 1190s
Categories: Births – Deaths
Establishments – Disestablishments
Eastern Hemisphere at the beginning of the 12th century.
A Black and White Photo of the 12th century Cuenca Cathedral (built from 1182 to 1270) in Cuenca, Spain

As a means of recording the passage of time, the 12th century is the period from 1101 to 1200 in accordance with the Julian calendar in the Common Era. In the history of European culture, this period is considered part of the High Middle Ages and is sometimes called the Age of the Cistercians. In Song dynasty China an invasion by Jurchens caused a political schism of north and south. The Khmer Empire of Cambodia flourished during this century, while the Fatimids of Egypt were overtaken by the Ayyubid dynasty.

Ongoing events

The temple complex of Angkor Wat, built during the reign of Suryavarman II in Cambodia of the Khmer Era.

Inventions, discoveries and introductions by year

The Liuhe Pagoda of Hangzhou, China, 1165

Political events by year

Richard I of England, or Richard the Lionheart.
Eastern Hemisphere at the end of the 12th century

Significant people

A 15th-century depiction of Saladin
Illumination from the Liber Scivias showing Hildegard von Bingen receiving a vision and dictating to her scribe and secretary

In popular culture


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Decades and years

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