12th Berlin International Film Festival

12th Berlin International Film Festival

Festival poster
Location Berlin, Germany
Founded 1951
Awards Golden Bear (A Kind of Loving)
Festival date 22 June 3 July 1962
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The 12th annual Berlin International Film Festival was held from 22 June – 3 July 1962.[1] The Golden Bear was awarded to the British film A Kind of Loving directed by John Schlesinger.[2]


King Vidor, Jury President

The following people were announced as being on the jury for the festival:[3]

Films in competition

The following films were in competition for the Golden Bear award:[4]

English title Original title Director(s) Country
A Kind of Loving A Kind of Loving John Schlesinger United Kingdom
Wife Number 13 Al zouga talattashar Fatin Abdel Wahab Egypt
Badai-Selatan Sofia W.D. Indonesia
Under the Same Skin Bajo un mismo rostro Daniel Tinayre Argentina, Mexico
Redhead Die Rote Helmut Käutner Germany, Italy
Give Me Ten Desperate Men Donnez-moi dix hommes désespérés Pierre Zimmer Israel, France
Duellen Knud Leif Thomsen Denmark
El tejedor de milagros Francisco del Villar Mexico
Galapagos - Trauminsel im Pazifik Heinz Sielmann Germany
Hum Dono Amarjeet India
A Train Leaves in Every Hour Il y a un train toutes les heures André Cavens Belgium
To the Last Day Isaengmyeong dahadorok Sang-ok Shin South Korea
The End of Summer Kohayagawa-ke no aki Yasujirō Ozu Japan
Love at Twenty L'amour à vingt ans François Truffaut, Andrzej Wajda, Renzo Rossellini, Shintarō Ishihara, Marcel Ophüls France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Japan
La bellezza di Ippolita Giancarlo Zagni Italy, France
La poupée Jacques Baratier Italy, France
La steppa Alberto Lattuada Italy, France, Yugoslavia
The Elusive Corporal Le Caporal épinglé Jean Renoir France
The Robbers Los atracadores Francisco Rovira Beleta Spain
Mitasareta seikatsu Susumu Hani Japan
Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation Henry Koster USA
No Exit No Exit Tad Danielewski USA, Argentina
The Unscrupulous Ones Os Cafajestes Ruy Guerra Brazil
Out of the Tiger's Mouth Out of the Tiger's Mouth Tim Whelan, Jr. USA
Little Presents Pikku Pietarin piha Jack Witikka Finland
Salvatore Giuliano Francesco Rosi Italy
Through a Glass Darkly Såsom i en spegel Ingmar Bergman Sweden
Ta heria John G. Contes Greece
Tonny Nils R. Müller, Per Gjersøe Norway


Winner of the main award for best film in its section


The following prizes were awarded by the Jury:[2]


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