10th Bodil Awards

10th Bodil Awards
Date 1957
Site Copenhagen
Best Film Be Dear to Me
Best Actor Peter Malberg
Be Dear to Me
Best Actress Birgit Sadolin
Tre piger fra Jylland
Most awards Be Dear to Me (2)

The 10th Bodil Awards was held in 1957 in Copenhagen, Denmark, honouring the best in Danish and foreign film of 1956.

The recipient of the Bodil Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role Birgit Sadolin, arrived with from Sønderborg at the last minute to run onto stage and be hailed for her role in Tre piger fra Jylland.[1]

Be Dear to Me directed by Annelise Hovmand, and actor Peter Malberg for his role in the same film, each received an award.[2]

Jørgen Roos got a Bodil Award for Best Documentary for Ellehammerfilmen, and the neighbouring Sweden won Best European Film with Ingmar Bergman's Smiles of a Summer Night.[3]

For the first time the critics had not been able to choose an American film - U.S. producers had boycotted the Danish market.


Poster for Be Dear to Me

Best Danish Film

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Best European Film

Best American Film

Best Documentary


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