1º Batalhão de Forças Especiais

1st Special Forces Battalion
1º Batalhão de Forcas Especiais

Coat of arms of the 1st SF Battalion
Active 1983 - present
Country  Brazil
Allegiance Ministry of Defence
Branch Brazilian Army
Type Special Forces
Role Counter Terrorism
Amphibious Warfare
Special reconnaissance
Airborne & air assault operations
Size Unknown
Part of Brazilian Special Operations Brigade
Garrison/HQ Goiânia
Motto(s) "Qualquer missão, em qualquer lugar, a qualquer hora, de qualquer maneira."
Current Commander Marcelo Bento Pires
1º B F Esp

1º Batalhão de Forças Especiais (1st Special Forces Battalion/1º B F Esp) is one of two counter-terrorism (CT) units in the Brazilian Armed Forces (the other being Projeto Talon).


The Battalion was given its counter-terrorism mission in the mid-1980s, following expansion to create the 1st SF Battalion.


The Battalion's mission is similar to that of the Green Beret units; however, because they have the CT mission, they have modified their organization to more closely follow Britain's Special Air Service and American's Delta Force. The SF Battalion falls within the Army's Special Operations Brigade and is located in Goiânia, state of Goiás.

The battalion is capable of conducting its missions independently from or in conjunction with conventional forces. Battalion troops are trained in jungle warfare at the Army's CIGS jungle warfare school and in amphibious, mountain warfare, airborne, airmobile and HAHO/HALO operations. They are also prepared for long-range reconnaissance in addition to their CT operations.


Brigade Song:

Em resposta ao clamor do dever - In answering the call of duty

Abandono meu lar meu amor - I abandon my home, my love

O convívio sagrado da prole - The sacred life together with my offspring

Repudiando o conforto e o prazer. - Giving up comfort and pleasure

A distância, a saudade e a dor, - The distance, the yearning for home, the pain

Me transformam em lobo feroz, - they transform me into a fierce wolf

Rosto negro, olhar de rapina, - Blackened face, preying eyes

Braço armado que lança o terror. - Armed hand that causes terror

Quando a luta cerrar os seus punhos - When the fight closes your hands into fists

Exigindo o sangue do audaz - Demanding the corageous' blood

Quando o medo atingir o mais forte - When fear hits the strongest

Misturando o pavor com a morte - Mixing fear with death

Vai erguer-se um guerreiro do chão - A warrior rises from the ground

Destemido, treinado e leal - Fearless, trained and lethal

Vai buscar a vitória final - Goes for the final victory

E lutar pelo seu batalhão - And fights for his battallion

O silêncio das noites escuras - The silence of the dark nights

Nos garantem sigilo total, - Gives us complete secrecy

O sabre rubro revela a bravura - The crimson sword reveals the bravery

Inerente ao guerreiro especial, - Inherent to the special warrior

As batalhas de Dias Cardoso - Dias Cardoso's Battles

Líder nato, imortal varonil - Born Leader, immortal man

Fazem-nos orgulhosos soldados, (Rhum! Rhum! Há!) -Makes us proud soldiers (Rhum! Rhum! Há!)

das Forças Especiais do Brasil - Of the Brazilian Special Forces

Letra de Hélcio Bruno de Almeida e música de Benedito Ferraz de Oliveira - Written by Bruno de Almeida and song by Benedito Ferraz de Oliveira

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