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PubChem 16138008
Molar mass 1859.10434
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γ-Endorphin is an opioid peptide that is characterized by the presence of 17 amino acids. The first 16 amino acids are identical to α-endorphin with Leucine added at the end. Similar to other endorphins, research focusing upon γ-endorphin has been ongoing since its discovery in the 1970s. Yet, most of the information about the substance’s exact role within the body is speculation that has yet to be proven. Some studies have indicated, however, that the polypeptide has antipsychotic effects on a certain category of patients suffering from schizophrenia, while others suggest that gamma-endorphin may act to help regulate blood pressure. Further research is needed, but if γ-endorphin does indeed possess such characteristics, the substance could eventually be utilized as a useful means of medical treatment.[1]


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