ʿilm al-Ḥurouf

ʿilm al-Ḥurouf or science of letters is an Arabic esoterism science which is interested in the symbolism that the letters of the Arabic alphabet may contain. It is often considered an occultist science.


ʿilm al-Ḥurouf (arabe:علم الحروف) is composed with two words ʿilm which means "science", and al-Ḥurouf, plural form of the word Ḥarf which may be translated into "letter".

Numerology of the Arabic alphabet

Arabic alphabet name numerological value
ا ʾalif 1
ب bāʾ 2
ج ǧīm 3
د dāl 4
ه hāʾ 5
و wāw 6
ز zāy 7
ح ḥāʾ 8
ط ṭāʾ 9
ي yāʾ 10
ك kāf 20
ل lām 30
م mīm 40
ن nūn 50
س sīn 60
ع ʿayn 70
ف fāʾ 80
ص ṣād 90
ق qāf 100
ر rāʾ 200
ش šīn 300
ت tāʾ 400
ث ṯāʾ 500
خ ṯāʾ 600
ذ ḏāl 700
ظ ẓāʾ 800
ض ḍād 900
غ ġayn 1000


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