L with bar

Not to be confused with Ł.

L with bar (capital Ƚ, lower case ƚ) is a Latin letter L with a bar diacritic. The capital is used in the Saanich orthography created by Dave Elliott in 1978.

In Unicode, both the capital and lower case are in the Latin Extended-B block. The capital (U+023D Ƚ LATIN CAPITAL LETTER L WITH BAR) is part of the "Additions for Sencoten" (Saanich), while the lower case (U+019A ƚ LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH BAR) is noted as an "Americanist phonetic usage" as an alternative to U+026C ɬ LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH BELT, the voiceless alveolar lateral fricative.[1]

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