Štefan Uher

Štefan Uher
Born (1930-07-04)4 July 1930
Died 29 March 1993(1993-03-29) (aged 62)
Occupation Film director, screenwriter
Years active 1955-1989

Štefan Uher (4 Juli 1930 29 March 1993) was a Slovak film director, one of the founders of the "Czechoslovak New Wave".

He graduated from the FAMU (Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts)[1] in Prague in 1955. Among his fellow students were future directors Martin Hollý Jr. and Peter Solan who also began to work at the Koliba film studios[2] (then called the Feature Film Studio and the Short Film Studio) in Bratislava after graduation.

Uher first worked in the short film division. The Sun in a Net was his second feature film. His first one was We from Study Group 9-A (My z deviatej A, 1962) about the life of a group of 15-year-old students and their school.

Uher followed The Sun in a Net by two more films with the same author-screenwriter Alfonz Bednár and cameraman − Stanislav Szomolányi, later professor of cinematography at the University of Performing Arts,[3] Bratislava: The Organ (Organ, 1964),[4] and Three Daughters (Tri dcéry, 1967).

The original music score in The Sun in a Net is by the composer Ilja Zeljenka, who also worked with Uher on We from Study Group 9-A, and went on to work with him on six more films.[5]

Uher's and Szomolányi's last film She Grazed Horses on Concrete (Pásla kone na betóne, 1982) has remained one of Slovakia's most popular domestic productions through the 2000s.[6] The film was entered into the 13th Moscow International Film Festival where it won the Silver Prize.[7]





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