Şiş köfte

Şiş köftes before being grilled

Şiş köfte[1] (Turkish), Shish kofte,[2] or Sis kofte[3] is a köfte or kebab variant in the Turkish cuisine. It consists of minced lamb, mutton, veal or beef, or a mixture of some of these meats with herbs, often including parsley and mint, on a şiş (skewer), grilled. The food is popular in Turkey, where there are hundreds of other versions of köfte such as ıslama köfte, sulu köfte, kuru köfte, İzmir köfte, İnegöl köfte, Tekirdağ köfte, Akçaabat köfte, dalyan köfte, sucuk köfte, çiğ köfte, and kadınbudu köfte; none of which is made in a skewer. The city of Burdur is trying to obtain a geographical indication for its şiş köfte.[4] Tire köfte is the only other skewered Turkish köfte and is made mainly with veal.[5]

In Turkey, köfte dishes are generally eaten accompanied by ayran, a yogurt drink, which is a healthy choice[6] for a balanced diet. Şiş köfte is also the basis of "yoğurtlu kebap" (kebab with yogurt).[3][7]

Şiş köfte is usually served with pilav (Turkish rice or bulgur dishes) and a salad.

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