Érica García

Erica Garcia
Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genres Alternative rock, Psychedelic rock
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Guitar
Bass Guitar
Labels Universal Music Group, Manimal Vinyl, Onomatic
Associated acts Fool's Gold Divididos

Érica García, born April 6 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a composer, singer and an actress of Argentinian-American descent.[1] She was nominated in the Latin Grammy Awards of 2000 for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance for her popular tune "Vete Destino".[2] While best known as a rock singer she also sings tango music and jazz. She directs her own voice academy[3] and has also worked as a dancer, writer, editor, painter, fashion designer and television personality among other creative endeavors. Part of her ancestry can be traced the Guaraní people.[4]

Musical career

García began her solo career in 1996 after 3 years of playing in Mata Violeta, the punk rock band she created in 1991.[5] She made three records for Universal, the first one was produced by Ricardo Mollo (her partner in years 1989-1999), the second one (nominated for the Latin Grammy) was produced by Garcia herself and Ricardo Mollo and the third record Amorama, was produced by Gustavo Santaolalla.[6] She played and recorded in the Los Angeles musical collective Fool's Gold.[7] She recorded and produced her fourth album ¨Afternoon in Bamboos¨ in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, 2006. She created the band Mountain Party[8] to play the Hypnorituals and Mesmemusical miracles Hanging in the sky, an iconic folk festival curated by Devendra Banhart. She went back to her country Argentina in 2010. She started the recording of the album ¨Eleven¨ to be released in 2011. She organized the Santo Bombo[9] parties, with bombo legüero performances, dancers, tattoo artists, and electronic music. She played the Hot Festival in October 2010, with Massive Attack, Scissors Sisters, Yeasayer and Mika among other artists. She currently lives in Buenos Aires and she plays shows all over the country. She directs Escuela de Experimentacion Vocal.[3] In 2014 she released an album of tangos titled Tangos Vampiros.[10]


Garcia collaborated with the band Divididos, on ukulele and accordion in "El Burrito" and "Sisters", she served as the guest musician (1992 to 1998) with Brazzaville in two albums. She performed with Cafe Tacuba,[11] Ely Guerra, Los Tres and Javiera Parra at the MTV Latin awards in Los Angeles, 2002.[12] Her other collaboration include Brazzaville, Cienfuegos [13]
Montecarlo Jazz Ensemble
Pampa del Indio
Andrea Alvarez
Fool's Gold[14][15]



Erica Garcia
Martin Aloe
Alejo Vintrob
Max Araujo
Ervin Stutz
Fabian Von Quntiero

Erica Garcia
Martin Aloe
Fernando Samalea
Ricardo Mollo
Ervin Stutz
Matias Zapata

Justin Meldhal Johnsen
Jon Brion
Victor Indrizzo
Roger Manning Jr.
Joe Gore [20]
David Campbell
Sebastian Escofet
Javier Casalla
Gustavo Santaolalla

As Mountain Party

As Lady Grave


"New Weird American "2007 "Surco Artists "2000


"Through the Wilderness" Madonna Tribute [21] (Manimal Vinyl) 2006 [22] "Tributo a Sandro", "Quiero llenarme de ti" 2000 [23]


Film and TV career

"The Treasure of the Black Jaguar" (2010) directed by Mike Bruce: as "Carmelita"."Franco Buenaventura" (2002) as "Gisela". [29]


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