École normale supérieure de Rennes

École normale supérieure de Rennes
Type ENS (informal), Grande Ecole, EPCSCP
Established 2013[1]
Director Pascal Mognol
Academic staff
Undergraduates 300
Postgraduates 250
Location Rennes, France
Colours Green, Black
Affiliations Conférence des grandes écoles
Website ens-rennes.fr

The École normale supérieure de Rennes, also called ENS Rennes is a French scientific Grande École, belonging to the network of Écoles normales supérieures. Its mission subsequently consists in preparing students "aimed at becoming researchers in fundamental or applied sciences, Professors in universities and classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles, as well as in secondary teaching, and, more widely, at serving administrations of the State and local authorities, or their public establishments or enterprises."

Established by a decree of the 17 October 2013 of the Prime Minister, the ENS Rennes is placed under the direct authority of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and is a founder of the Université Européenne de Bretagne. Before 2013, it was a branch of the École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay, but the great geographical distance between Cachan and Rennes already led to a bigger autonomy.

The school is divided in five departments, admitting every year 80 to 100 Normaliens, students under the status of paid civil servants. These are selected through highly selective entrance examinations, after at least two years of classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles. There are also auditors, called "magistériens". These two groups of students receive the same formation, during a typical four-year cursus. The ENS Rennes is very efficient in leading its students to research, as albeit a very wide range of possible career paths, more than 80% of a promotion pass the agrégation, and more than 70% continue their formation by a PhD.

Campus and student life

School site

Entrance of the school, in 2009

Notes and references

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