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Legislative elections were held in the Åland Islands on 18 October 2015, alongside elections for 16 municipal councils:[1] Mariehamn town, 9 rural socken on the main island, Fasta Åland, and 6 skerries socken.

Electoral system

The 30 members of the Parliament of Åland were elected by proportional representation, with seats allocated using the d'Hondt method.[1]


Seven parties contested the legislative elections, and the municipal elections in most municipalities, although the Liberals for Åland will be the only party to contest all municipalities.

During the 2011–2015 parliamentary term the four MPs from the independent centre-right party Non-aligned Coalition (ObS) merged into the conservative Moderates to become Moderate Coalition for Åland, but the rump of ObS will contest the 2015 elections, and has taken a critical stance against Syrian refugees with a "no to refugees" campaign movie. Another anti-refugee list, the populist Ålandic Democracy, which is led by Stephan Toivonen and also supports equal rights for Finnish speakers, will also be on the ballot.

The regionalist and centrist Åland Centre has called for Åland to establish its own foreign ministry and for the Ålandic healthcare board being appointed solely by the governing coalition rather than the existing system of being proportionally divided between parties.

Other parties contesting the elections were the Åland Social Democrats, the social-liberal centre-right Liberals for Åland, the centrist and separatist Future of Åland.

Opinion polls

Date Polling agency ÅC MS ÅS ÅF ObS ÅD
25 September 2015Ålandstidningen7764321

Preliminary results

Party Votes +/– % +/– Seats +/–
Liberals for Åland3,212+59223.3+3.07+1
Åland Centre2,985–8321.7–1.970
Moderate Coalition for Åland2,453+64317.8+3.95+1
Åland Social Democrats2,184–22017.4–1.15–1
Non-aligned Coalition1,323–3169.6–3.03–1
Future of Åland1,016–2707.4–2.52–1
Ålandic Democracy500New3.6New1New
Sustainable Initiative112NewNew0New
Invalid/blank votes
Total14,338 100 300
Registered voters/turnout 70.30
Sources JCI Mariehamn


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