Ken Carabello

Web Developer / Crypto Consultant

Hello. My name is Ken. I am a web developer and cryptocurrency consultant, based in SE Asia. I run an online company called JetPay™. Our service allows you to sign up for a one-year subscription (currently $14.99) and make 2 jetPay's. A jetPay is a paystring identifier for your XRP crypto wallet. The reason we charge a subscription fee, is that unlike free paystrings - which are automatically attached to the wallet that the service provider makes for you, at JetPay™, you can attach the jetPay or jetPay's to whatever wallet(s) you choose. * This is important. It means that you can create a jetPay and attach it to a wallet that is on a crypto exchange (like Coinbase, Kraken, or Bitstamp). With that feature, you can liquidate your XRP payments as they arrive. On the other hand, with a free paystring, you can't do that. You would first have to transfer your crypto to an exchange before you could sell it and withdraw the proceeds. That only gives you another opportunity to make a mistake - like leaving out the Destination Tag; or getting the Destination Tag wrong; or the XRP wallet address wrong; or both. If any of those things happen, you lose your XRP. At JetPay™, we allow you to Create and Activate jetPay's with the Destination Tag built in from the start. And, before you use your jetPay's, we have a YouTube Channel, with tutorial videos that show you step by step, how to Create and Activate your jetPay's, and then how to Validate and Test your jetPay's. Check out the JetPay Dashboard for more info. That is where our subscribers make jetPay's. At JetPay™, we allow you to make practical, purposeful jetPay's that will save you time and headaches when you want to send XRP to any wallet you select. Join the movement! Get a JetPay™. Best wishes! Ken Carabello kencarabello.crypto Send XRP: kencarabello$ #xrp #ripplenet #fintech #flarenetworks #flr #IoV #paystring #jetpay Follow my YouTube Channel on Fintech : Follow my Blog on Coil where I discuss crypto, flying helicopters and more... © 2021 Ken Carabello