Dvision Network Holds its Second LAND Sale

Dvision Network Holds its Second LAND Sale
Image Source: Twitter

Last year Dvision network successfully initiated its first LAND sale, and now it has launched the second sale on January 27th. The LAND NFTs featured on the sale will be minted on the Polygon ecosystem, unlike the first LAND sale, only available on the BSC blockchain. The NFTs for sale will be fairly distributed through OpeanSea and Dvision marketplace via the Polygon ecosystem. LAND NFTs in the second sale will be compliant with ERC-721 standards of the Polygon network.

Where to buy LAND NFTs

The second LAND sale will be conducted across two platforms. Users can purchase LAND from the leading NFT marketplace, OpenSea and the Dvision Marketplace; this is done to expand the Dvision metaverse to a larger audience to buy LAND NFTs. Payment for the LAND NFTs can be made through Polygon's token MATIC. The MAIC token will be accepted in both the marketplaces to maintain uniformity. A total of 4,651 LAND Lots will be sold in the second sale. Dvision will sell 2,322 LAND NFTs on OpenSea and 2,329 on the Dvision marketplace.

Dvision network grant program

Dvision has also announced the launch of the LAND NFT Grant program. Through this program, Dvision will be able to onboard leading metaverse projects; these projects will be provided LAND NFTs to initiate content creation into the metaverse. Dvision has allotted 20% of the total LAND NFT supply for the growth and development of metaverse. The total LAND NFTs are divided in the ratio of 40-40-20. 40% will go to play-to-earn games, 40% will be sold in the LAND sale, and 20% will be utilized in onboarding new projects. The project that makes its way into Dvision Grant Program will be to create NFTs, develop games, Web 3.0 projects and other valuable content on Dvision metaverse. LAND NFTs will not only create value in the metaverse, but they'll also bring other profitable use cases. The first round of sale bought a value of $10 million to Dvision metaverse, with all the NFTs circulating four times the value they were initially sold at. Dvision world is a gateway to Meta-City, which consists of multiple Meta-Spaces exclusively controlled by the user's that own LAND. The second LAND sale is being held to sell the LAND NFTs of London and Tokyo Meta-Cities.