Our Networks 2018 Archive

Full archives of 2018 videos are available:

We want to thank our A/V volunteers again, without whom the sharing of these videos would have been impossible: Yurko, Henry Wilkinson, Elon Li, and Benedict Lau.

Our Networks 2018 Videos

Aether: Distributing social networks without distributed consensus

The ongoing discussion about decentralisation has been dominated by the talk of blockchains lately. While they do work in certain... See session description

Althea a more distributed ISP

Althea is a protocol that allows people to easily buy and sell bandwidth from each other. The session will cover... See session description

Building something together with local networks


The Internet as it exists today is not an ideal tool for liberation or the exploration of something new. The... See session description

Fandom as an alternative network

/ /

The interdisciplinary creative practices of fandom — whether it be fanfiction, fanart, or cosplay — challenge our previously held notions... See session description

Holding Data Together: Decentralized patterns for stewardship

Formed in the wake of grassroots archiving efforts undertaken in 2017, Data Together seeks to contribute to a civic layer... See session description

Live streaming over IPFS

In this session, I will present how IPFS and HLS came together to allow us to build a distributed live... See session description

Money and mesh networks


A talk exploring the question is it possible to build/manage communal mesh infrastructure in a decentralized fashion and pay contributors... See session description

Our _stable_ networks


What does a 'stable' deployment of a community mesh network look like? During this session, we will look at successful... See session description

Peer-to-peer applications on a mesh network

In this session, I will present Mesh Orange, a Debian-based router that runs on various single-board computers (SBCs), which together... See session description

Protocol tactics

The philosophers have only interpreted the internet, the point is to change it. IP, BGP, DNS, HTTP, and many more... See session description

The artists network, the data-body, and the social-body

'Electronic art is electronic education is inter net and television for and about people. My television video electronic educational inter... See session description

The hybrid step toward migrating to P2P: Adding P2P backend to current centralized apps

Currently, most websites and apps depend on centralized servers despite the limitations of this structure. Migration towards P2P architectures may... See session description

Web archiving as DIY and DIWO

As the internet evolves and changes, what material of the internet's past will continue to be available? What is being... See session description

Wireless Toronto

Wireless Toronto is a community wireless network run by volunteers, dedicated to the growth of no-cost wireless Internet access in... See session description