Ethereum ERC-2350 - Semantic contracts

by Daniell Mesquita on GitHub issue.

Simple Summary

Store relevant infos on contract, in hexadecimal or hash to IPFS/other network file, instead of relying on individual data provided by different blockchain explorers.


Tokens already stores the most basic useful information: name, symbol, decimals. This data is used by APIs, services and blockchain explorers. But other information (site url, email, blog, social networks) depends to be updated on individual blockchain explorers. It gives more work to contract developers, instead of just focus on development. It also makes discrepancy between different services with contrasting infos which can mislead users.


Info are hexadecimal fields. If they are big, refer to a hash for external file instead. All assets a token refers (such as icon), are hosted in Swarm, IPFS or other network.

All data need to be in JSON format. Also, files such as git repo can have the same linked into multiple locations (same file in IPFS, Swarm, SSB, etc).


It is yet a draft. If you're technical skilled, please tell your thoughts to update this.


Exchanges and other services need to support new token standards otherwise only ERC20.