Mother of All Discs

Unique DVD which "contains" all other DVDs. If any DVD is damaged, this DVD will know it.

It should also protect any kind of discs other than DVDs, such as CDs, BDs and even ADs (the evolution of BD). Also, Mother of All Discs, when ultrapassing 4GB, will be upgraded to a 8GB dual-layer DVD, and when also ultrapassing it, can be upgraded to single/multi-layer BDs and further. MoAD is safe to upgrade because it will keep the same git tree with the same hash in a blockchain-like structure. Shouldn't be used on RW discs, but in UDF read-only discs.
Which DVDs it protects:

Mother of All Discs: QmbMG3RGU6GaY2dwmuNagNEcweMKP2gTTmhszy11SxZoNt

In contrast, Babysitter of All Discs is small version of Mother of All Discs, containing less important files.

Babysitter of All Discs: QmdTbgCXzGMY1b3SHiqiUAx2ZXpFmb4SbbxWBF6wtekEhv