Intel to release innovative new Bitcoin ASICs

Intel to release innovative new Bitcoin ASICs

Intel is planning to a Bitcoin ASIC at the conference of International Solid-State Circuits. The world’s largest chip-maker will now unveil “ultra-low-voltage energy-efficient.” Thus, Intel will enter the BTC mining chip-making industry with that. The upcoming ISSCC conference will see its announcement as per the reports. However, it’s still unclear whether they will present a detailed product launch or just share a project on why they will do it. Intel will now compete with the likes of Canaan and Bitmain by penetrating in bitcoin mining.

What to expect at the ISSCC conference on 23rd February?

Intel is expected to present its Bitcoin mining ASIC presentation, and the industry will have a close eye on that. The senior VP Raja Koduri of Intel’s AXG group said that Intel is currently working on bringing a chip for cryptocurrency mining. Today, the BTC mining business has become a massive business, and a lot of media attention is always on that. As per reports, Intel has also filed a patent for an optimized SHA-256 datapath in the year 2018. This suggests that Intel planned to focus on Bitcoin ASIC mining for a long time. In December 2021, Raju Koduri gave an interview in which he said that Intel is working on making blockchain validation at a reasonable cost.

What does this suggest for the ASICs industry?

As of now Bitmain, Canaan, and MicroBT are the major players in the market to supply mining components. Once Intel launches its hardware, it will change the dynamics of the 
mining industry. Intel has decades and decades of experience in manufacturing computer chips. Once Intel enters the mining market, it will give the manufacturers a run for their money as Intel is a formidable name. Moreover, Intel has its units in the U.S., and the production of chips in the United States would mean centralizing BTC mining chips 
production. Intel would thereby become the first American company to enter this space. This will also give a positive signal politically as well.