The hate against fragility; against oldies, childs, womans and teenagers

by Daniell Mesquita
originally written in 08/19/2019 23:20 (link), updated in 12/25/2019.

Since the school, I've spotted psychopaths. I couldn't see them really happy, and saw they needing to attack other people for at least doing fake smiles. I didn't studied psychology, but forced to know lots of things about. I know a lot about human psychology (and a few about puppies), but I don't entitle myself as a know-all or a specialist; I'm more a generalist.

Based on my unprofessional knowledge, I understand psychopaths sees themselves as weak. They know they can't be like the people, so they makes the people like them. They enjoys to find vulnerabilities on people; fragment, mix and use against them. They "feels" satisfaction when seeing a rat - considered weak - and compares it to other people; feeling themselves human and not weak. They're weaker than those people: psychopaths feels the need to join the "strong", advertise itself as strong, and attack the weak, while not feeling weak but strong.

I see children imitating puppies while being truly happy; while psychopaths sees animals as a bad thing when comparing them to humans in a depreciative manner. Every animal haves a bad meaning for them: such as dogs, skunks, monkeys, pigs, rodents, etc. Even on food psychopaths can see other people. Everything for them is evil.

As supposed (and proved), psychopaths doesn't haves feelings, even when demoing else. They can easily taste a very bitter food without having suffering; their brain are in fault with some neuro-transistors, which is caused by absence of Oxytocine hormone (even with corrupt psychiatrists saying it isn't related). Womens are more prone of having these hormones, and as pointed by studies, psychopathy is more frequent on mens; related to this is the fact of womens having more sense of smell than men and preferring a tasteful food instead of a strong whisky.


But the focus of this article isn't about psychopaths, but covering their hate against what they considers weak, to consider themselves not weak. And regarding the above referred article "Everything You Wanted to Know About the Science of Psychopaths", there are some things I don't agree (will point them in other media). No need to mention I don't share the ideology of the author of second article; existence and food are sacred and to be loved.

Talking about their hate against fragile things, lots of words considered good and sweet, are hated by psychopaths:

There are only a few of a lot examples, and I knew it by own experience. Anything they finds good/cute/fragile, they hates. Not only moving things triggers a alarm on their brain, but the simple fact of existing is "reason" to hate for them. As they can't have a normal behavior of a human (independent of color, gender identity or sexual orientation, in essence humans behave equally), they creates their own label of a winning pattern based on themselves, and anything out of that invented scope will be hated, considered criminal and/or compared to trash, worms, bugs and irrational animals (and to other things which aren't bad, but they considers as).

I remember when a brotherhood of psychopathy+power (Freemasonry) firstly declared their hate against me. A worker in our house (Rosana, obeying them - same name of a journalist mentioned here) looked at me, and said to my mom:

"Have you heard of the baggy teenager? He says 'mom, fix my computer', 'mom, fix my Internet'". Rosana said that the same epoch my sister were taking my PC to her moto, while a freemason neighbor insulted she. Unfortunately, my sister is like me, and retributed the insult; increasing the hate. Me as teenager on epoch, my sister as women, and my mom as old; the get-fun pack the 23-42 aged men psychopaths found on us. As I've said in peeps, if they hates the simple fact of eating and drinking, wouldn't hate the Internet? And they considers computing as a bad thing; as a land of bums. As pointed previously, this is a behavior of psychopaths, which considers anything good as bad and hates everyone that doesn't accepts to be inside their behavioral scope. Baggy is me, or baggy is who were all time spying us and taking useless fun of that?

As expected, psychopaths can't have own pace/self-peace. Psychopaths behaves like zombies (and this is not fiction, between ants and other insects there are proven zombie infections), with the need to feed something they thinks is themselves. They doesn't haves self-esteem, while they lies to themselves; also, who hates others, is because began hating itself first. They doesn't knows themselves - and keeps constantly asking the meaning of life and tries to forget if they haves a purpose beyond entertainment+hates+laughs - doesn't haves own dreams to chase, and doesn't haves their own pathway to follow. To feel themselves human, they needs to live for other humans, while spying, following and manipulating the way of other people; as if people were their 3D motion avatars in a MVU/VRChat/Habbo/TheSims game.

They depreciates oldies as witches/obsolete, children as dumbs/animals, womans as sexual object/irritant, and teenagers as dumb/monkeys. Everything fragile they hates, because they "feel" themselves the most vulnerable, and who seems to be "like" them, they attacks as attacking the selves they refuses to believe while not feeling being themselves, with the balm of seeing their suffering (and forgetting it) appearing on others. They says the others are who psychopaths are, and they (psychopaths) are what people are. People can't be their own self, while psychopaths uses people as their living avatar. The probability you know a psychopath is 99%. Probability you're being hiddenly persecuted by one is 65%.

As Brazilian, I need to finalize this article by mentioning how the Bolsonaro's followers/colleagues and his "Education" Minister demoed hate against teenagers, which is a risk for the country's future (as Trump's acts are being imitated on countries such as Brazil).

Yes, they put the music "sweet dreams" as background to the violence the students suffered; music with a title that contains two words psychopaths hates. Yet fixated about relating candy to teenagers, they posted that:

"Asking for students to return with their mess, because there is a little CANDY for them" - is what he said. Brazil's minister endorsed this psychopathic tweet with a like. Freemason's chess strategy to make the minister looking more teenager-friendly and POP? A brand new and iconized profile photo:

The psyche of the referred minister and his colleagues, can be identified in the very photo. I doubt the maker of this image is really his friend..

Same referred minister, welcomed another oppressive-violent militancy front to take control of schools and universities:

Since 2016 (and probably before, even without Bolsonaro as president) Freemasonry is using DeMolays to make front groups on universities (plus a lot of other insanities in various areas). 2018 - same year the General Mourão proposed a military coup - a deputy said for students to video record their teachers when they're saying things against the far-right (reproduction of the military coup of 1964 were cops presentially spied teachers). I will not mention everything that is happening to brazillian education (and health, rights, environment and others) which is out of the topic of this article; but any future of any country begins with children, teenagers and womans.

This is a alert: any far-right (and even the polite right-wing ones) politician in any country is a psychopath, probably member of Freemasonry and will do anything against who they consider weak; only the (rich or privileged) minority of population will be beneficed. Even politics like weapon-enabling will be for a cherry-picked persons. Politics doesn't seem to change much. The problem isn't the politicians, the military force or alike, but psychopaths on everyday whom uses influence peddling to order a whole region. So it is up to individuals to identify psychopaths on everyday and to know everything about. This is your duty as citizen.