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Hashoshi, a blockchain developer in industry, creates weekly content about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and innovative technology. Whether the topic is simple or complex, you will find a concise and accessible explanation on Hashoshi's channel.


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Why Did I Start This Channel?

This channel was created to be a place where anyone interested in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and innovative tech can come to get unbiased, accessible educational content.

Adoption begins with quality education!

When presenting innovative technology to mass audiences, clarity and accessibility are paramount.

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    Goal #1: provide high quality education for the community

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    Goal #2: provide tools and tutorials to empower aspiring coders

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    Goal #3: support and cultivate the community in ever possible way


Frequently Asked Questions

Transparency is import, so here are some answers ahead of time!

My channel is not sponsored, and any content that I ever create that is sponsored in the future (if at all) will be clearly disclosed and furthermore, that sponsorship will not supersede my opinions on a product or service. You will always get my honest thoughts!
I try to post multiple times per week, but I am pretty consistent at getting at least one video out per week!
I have been working as a solution architect and developer for enterprises over the last several years, primarily focused on Ethereum-based decentralized applications. My goal has always been to bring mainstream adoption through useable decentralized applications! Making videos allows me to share my passion for this space even further.
It all started around 2010, I was in a class (not paying attention, oops) on StumbleUpon; the random search put the Satoshi Nakamoto whitepaper for bitcoin in front of me and I fell in love with the concepts in that paper. From there, I obsessively researched, learned, and absorbed as much information as possible about the technology and paradigms laid out by that paper. When Ethereum came into the mix, I tried my hand at coding (and failed miserably at first), which began my love for solving really hard problems without much help - nowadays, I am lucky enough to have a job where I can continue that learning every single day in developing blockchain applications for clients.