Peepeth <3 Mastodon

by Daniell Mesquita

This is my concept about how Peepeth can evolve by integrating with Mastodon.
Instead of relying only on its own server, Peepeth backend server could evolve to a Mastodon server.

This way, existing accounts would also be available in Mastodon, and existing Mastodon accounts could easily post to Peepeth without any new signup.
Peepeth Mastodon server (which will be the same and unique, hybrid Peepeth server, but a supercharged Mastodon pod) will save all contents posted from Mastodon, to JSON/IPFS.

Existing Mastodon accounts could anytime upgrade to a ETH account and bulk sign all their JSON content, like native Peepeth users does.

Also, developers could create other Peepeth-compatible Mastodon servers (federation) storing user data, while the Peepeth's official, main server backups data from other independent, federated servers.

For Mastodon, its frontend open-source code would receive a pull request for a branch compatible with Peepeth Mastodon backends/federated servers. So, developers could create their own Mastodon frontends which posts and interacts with both Peepeth and Mastodon, in addition they also posts to Twitter (as a standard feature in Mastodon).