20191108 - LikeCoin chain 1st validators meeting notes

Date: 20191108 | Time: 12PM HKT

Participants: Aludirk, Chung, Edmond, Guo. Haggen So, Samuel, Edwin, Rick Mak, Phoebe, Kin, Chung, Koala, Kwun Yueng, Terence, Jiahe

Sit in: Daisy, Fide


Rick - Oursky Tech Lead, technology rep. of StandNews 

Samuel & Edwin - Enyk, technology rep. of CMEF

Daisy - LikeCoin Meetup HK volunteer 

Terence - Forbole co-founder, validator 

Kwun Yeung - Forbole co-founder, validator

Alu - LikeCoin, System Architect

Chung - LikeCoin, blockchain developer

Guo - Matters Lab Tech Lead, validator

Haggen - COTA, technology rep. of Taiwan Factchecking Center

Elton - GLOs, validator

Kelvin Lo - U domain, technology rep. of GLOs

Edmond - LikeCoin, operations

Phoebe - LikeCoin, business development

Koala - COTA, technology rep. of Taiwan FactCheck Center (TFC)

Unable to join:

Taiwan FactCheck Center (TFC)


National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT)

Validators pair up:

  1. GLOs - Udomain
  2. TFC Taiwan - COTA
  3. StandNews - Oursky
  4. CMEF - Enyk
  5. Matters Lab
  6. Forbole
  7. NTUT

Testnet Taipei:

  1. Inflation rate adjusted to 1% (~10,000,000 LikeCoin for first year)
  2. Governance adjusted, only validator can submit and vote for proposals

Genesis Block time: 2019.11.15 (FRI) 1200 HKT. 


Validators need to get their node ready before the proposed genesis time. 

The genesis block will be produced according to the Genesis file.

Operators need to be online to ensure there are enough voting power. 

Testnet and main-net software versions:

Big Dipper: