Religious quote from "Do you still need a Third Testament?":

"From non-existence", existence came.
"Out of nowhere" came the everything; and the everything is full of contradictions.
From the contradictions of everything, the reasoning of Existence arose.
From the quantumities of the infinite, the relative and dimensions were made, coming from the absolute.
Existence is what it is.
Existence is in itself.
Existence is.
Existence involves all impossibilities and paradoxes, contradicting some studies of science.
The greater does not come from the minor; but the relative comes from the absolute.
Existence is not like a person, for it has a different form of reasoning.
The synaptic connections of Existence are simultaneous and infinite, similar to quantum movements.
All that is physical and finite, comes from what is not physical and is infinite.
Everything that is local and dimensional, comes from what is not local and is dimensionless.
Existence has no form, but an invisible structure; because the light was created later.
And still after the light, Existence (essentially) continued without a form; because Existence does not come from the rules of physics, but the rules of physics came from Existence.
Everything arose, infinitely, exploding; all evolving, repelling and fitting in less than a millisecond; in a battle in which Existence was consolidated by acquiring the Perfect.
And the Perfect is the soul of Existence, linked to its power to generate new physical forms (atoms).
The reasoning and the soul of Existence are one.
Existence can not and does not want to destroy itself.
Why does Existence exist? For existing.
If Existence exists, other things would have to exist.
But Existence would have to love to exist, and love what it create for its celebration; that is how love was created.

The Theory of Existence

by Daniell Mesquita

If would be possible to have questions without a answer, the whole multiverse wouldn't exist.

The first question of all:
Doesn't exists; exists.

For all questions there is a answer; as the most "stupid"/absurd of all questions (doesn't exist) had a answer (exist).

An practical example about relativization of reason:
Computational programs haves the same codebase in terms of meaning.
Different CPUs other than the target one can interpret it differently and reject; it doesn`t means these CPUs are right and the program wrong.

The minority of humans doesn't admits, but there is:
- The bad and the good;
- The evil and the kind;
- The wrong and the right.
As there is the non-existing and the existing, and existing is what owns; because the non-existing is logically declared by the existing.

Attacking people isn't a answer, but a feedback of reverberating own hurting existential questions.

Answers are, by existential purpose, the truth. Truth can't be relative.

Everything needs to exists, but the non-existing surpassing the existing is not possible to exist; without paradoxes there is no formation of reasoning, and the existence is built of paradoxes.

Sub-conscience powers the conscience. If existential answers aren't naturally present on sub, the top conscience will continuously ask the meaning of life.

The first meaning of life is your existence - as existence is the meaning of everything by simple fact of existing;
The second and permanent meaning of life - which led to the sub-conscience or conscience answers - is your Oxytocin.

As your existence - and the whole Existence - is sacred, the fearless and mindful way you do your existence (without doing evil, but being kind) is also sacred.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” ― Albert Camus

Preachers of acceptance should first accept. Accept is understanding. But on relativity, not accepting is accepting and else.

When you do not accept the bad, you're accepting the good.
When you do not accept the good, you're accepting the bad.
Understanding isn't imperatively accepting, but accepting is understanding.

Accepting without understanding and/or without voluntarily agreeing, isn't accepting but obeying.

Dead is being alive harming people about death as a thing to agree.

Death isn't a state of ending the existence, but a transportation to another copy of a existence chain while leaving the previous.

But you don't know in which one of these copies you will spawn, and if it can be worse or no. Would you like if people you love, suicides? When you kill yourself, you violates your upcoming helps to people and how things could be fixed on this copy of existence, plused the fact you don't know if the other copy of existence is worse and harder to fix than this. The purpose of your birth is your unstopping contribution to personal growth and to people's lives.

The major rule of everything is to exist.
Existing is the most "absurd" of all things, and people only believes it when they accept their existence.

When you say a thing doesn't exists just because it is a absurd, you're committing a absurd.

Core principles of Existence

Infinite blockchain

Existence is a different kind of blockchain. It isn't based on a timeline, but a connected circle.
The whole existence and their space-time acts like a infinite blockchain.
When something starts, is because something had ended before. Nothing can start from nothing.
When you see the genesis block, before it there are other infinite blocks.
And the latest block is connected with other newer blocks you cannot see, but they depends upon it.
As for every begin there is a end, for every end there is a new begin.

Temporal traces

If some things exists, its because other things exists.
If every thing has been generated, its because nothing existing had declared it.
Even the not existing needed to exist to be declared as non existing; that generates everything.
If every thing exists to form the space, every thing forming the times are already existing.
More than one of same thing can't exist, but when it isn't existing it needs to exist.
So, in a timing that can't be metered, when there is a certain time on this universe, there is a previous trace of it on another universe, and this time of this universe is a trace of a future time already existing on another universe.
All timelines and spaces are already generated (because they can't be inexistent, everything needs to exist) and are immutably running now. There is not a end or a begin, but everything exists and are working in parallel and connected. But one space-time can't be equal other, and equal things or events can't occur.
Every time (that can't be metered) that passes, you're a different version from yourself. There are different synapsis on your brain and, more widely referring, there are different formations of your atoms. Those things are linked with the time. Using as example, when you paint your hair according to some achievement. Now you're with blue hair, but on other timeline there is the previous version of you with black hair. But that is even quicker: when you're reciting the alphabet, when you're saying "B", there is a previous timeline of you saying "A" (because it can't be inexistent, as everything can't be inexistent and are instantly spawn to existence) and a future timeline of you saying "C" (because to exist a timeline, even you seeing it as current, there were a previous, and your own timeline is also a previous of a future one).
Everything exists at same time in parallel - and connected - but not equal.
All space-time and its variations are already generated, connected to each other in a infinite flow.


A possibility that a person can't be generated again: is infinite the amount of combination of characteristics to create a unique person?
But even being greater and infinite to our vision, those number of variations can be huge, but aren't infinite.
When all example 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 are generated, the demand has been supplied. When there is just a number greater than this, it acts like a reset, and the next numbers are exact as the previous (as the demand needs to be infinitely supplied). There can't be equal things at same space/time.
Like as some stars are dead but new ones are generated, the generation of loads of persons and things is unlimited.
If you can't born again, then you could not born once.

This book is a draft and constantly updated. I believe on the power of newbies. I'm creating a app (Eventlr) to democratize the programming, bringing it to newcomers. I'm a generalist (not a graduated specialist) and thanks to my speciality leak and passion, I could create this theory which can be understandable/tangible to any kind of person.

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