Under Construction, Part II

Under Construction, Part II
Timbaland & Magoo stüdyo albümü
Yayımlanma 2003
Tarz Hip hop, R&B
Şirket Blackground, Universal
Yapımcı Timbaland, Heavy D
Timbaland & Magoo kronolojisi

Indecent Proposal
Under Construction, Part II

Under Construction, Part II, ABD'li hip hop ikilisi Timbaland & Magoo'nun 2003 yılında çıkardığı üçüncü stüdyo albümü.

Şarkı listesi

  1. "Intro/Straight Out of Virginia"
  2. "Cop That Shit" (featuring Missy Elliott)
  3. "Shenanigans" (featuring Bubba Sparxxx)
  4. "Leaving" (featuring Attitude)
  5. "That Shit is not Going to Work"
  6. "Don't Make Me Take It There" (featuring Frank Lee White)
  7. "Indian Flute" (featuring Sebastian & Raje Shwari)
  8. "Can We Do It Again"
  9. "Naughty Eye" (featuring Sebastian & Raje Shwari)
  10. "Into the Music" (featuring Brandy)
  11. "Hold On" (featuring Wyclef Jean)
  12. "Insane" (featuring Candice "Gg" Nelson)
  13. "Throwback"
  14. "Hold Cuts"
  15. "I've Got Love for You"
  16. "Naughty Eye II (Hips)" (featuring Beenie Man)
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