Rita Davies

Rita Davies (24 Şubat 1933 - 19 Ocak 2016), İngiliz aktris. Kariyerine 1938 yılında Ah, Wilderness! adlı televizyon filmiyle başlamıştır. Doctors, Holby City ve The Bill gibi birçok dizide rol almıştır. Son olarak Anubis Evi dizisinde Sarah Frobisher-Smythe karakterini canlandırmıştır.


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Yıl Ad Rol Notlar
1938 Incident in Shanghai Ada Newell
1972 Doomwatch Wylee
1975 Monty Python and the Holy Grail Historian's wife
1998 The Wolves of Kromer Fanny
2003 The Last Horror Movie Granny
2006 Driving Lessons Mrs. Robottom
2006 The Da Vinci Code Elegant Woman at Rosslyn
2006 Children of Men Cafe Customer
2008 The Broken Old Lady in Underground
2010 Reuniting the Rubins
2012 Acts of Godfrey
2012 Private Peaceful Old Lady
2013 The List Martha Rove Post-production
Yıl Ad Rol Notlar
1938 Ah, Wilderness! TV filmi
1960 The Dark Man TV filmi
1961 The Men from Room 13 Joyce
1962 Drama 61-67 Woman in station
1963 Ghost Squad Joyce
1967 Dr. Finlay's Casebook Valerie
1968 Nicholas Nickelby Mrs. Lenville
1969 Out of the Unknown Receptionist
1969 The Tingaree Affair Mrs. Ferrera
1969-1972 Monty Python's Flying Circuis Distraught Wife (1969), Hostess (1970), Third Juror (1972), Secretary (1972)
1973-1974 Play for Today
1975 Within These Walls Mary Rowe
1975 Rooms Policewoman
1977 Kilvert's Diary Mrs. Josiah Evans
1978 Grange Hill Joan Hamilton
1981-1983 Maybury Mrs. Chambers
1983 Number 10 Mrs. Hampton
1985 Oscar Woman in Cafe
1985 The Secret Dairy of Adrian Mole Dr. Gray's Receptionist
1985 What Mad Pursuit? Lady at Literacy Luncheon TV filmi
1986 Ladies in Charge Mrs. Blessed
1986 The Bill Mrs. Davis
1987 Sunday Premiere Mrs. Morris
1989 Casualty Dr. Wilson
1992 The Bill Mrs. Ronald
1994 Screen Two Picket at clinic
1994 W.S.H. Mara Cattermole-Schmenner TV filmi
1995 Keeping Up Appearances Mrs. Lomax
1999 Casualty Sheila Jones
1999 Holby City Madge
2000 Nature Boy
2000 The Boss Mrs. Norman
2001 The Bill Magistrate, Jan Cooper TV filmi
2001 Micawber Old Hag
2002 Big Train
2003 The Murder Game Felicity Wilmington
2004 55 Degrees North Harriet Graham
2004 My Life in Film Mary
2005 Murder in Suburbia Minnie TV filmi
2009 Ashes to Ashes Elsie Staines
2010 Mongrels Margaret
2010 Sherlock Blind Lady
2010 The Trip Dove Cottage Worker
2011 Come Fly With Me Jackie's mother
2011 Anubis Evi Sarah Frobisher-Smythe 1 sezon
2011 Pete Versus Life Bridget
2011 Without You Mrs. Sutton
2012 The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret Dorothy Mountford
2012 Inspector Lewis Edna O'Brien
2012 A Touch of Cloth German Woman
2013 Doctors Eleanor Waite
2013 Casualty Helen Royman
2013 Holby City Betty Hutchings

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