Pensilvanya Üniversitesi

University of Pennsylvania
Slogan Laws without morals are useless (Türkçe: Ahlaktan yoksun kanun işe yaramaz.)
Tür Özel Üniversite
Konum Amerika Birleşik Devletleri Philadelphia
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Pensilvanya Üniversitesi Amerika Birleşik Devletleri'nin Pennsylvania eyaletinin Philadelphia kentinde bulunan Ivy League üyesi özel bir araştırma üniversitesidir. Pensilvanya Üniversitesi Amerika'nın ilk üniversitesi[1] ve en eski 4 yüksek öğrenim enstitüsünden biridir.[2]

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  2. Penn is the fourth-oldest using the founding dates claimed by each institution. Penn, Princeton, and Columbia originated within a few years of each other. In 1899, Penn officially changed its "founding" date from 1749 to 1740, affecting its rank. See Building Penn's Brand for the reasons why Penn did this. Princeton University implicitly challenges this , also claiming to be fourth. Penn was chartered in 1755, making it sixth-oldest chartered, following Princeton (1746) and Columbia (1754). A Presbyterian minister operated a "Log College" in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, from 1726 until 1746; some have suggested a connection between it and the College of New Jersey (later Princeton) which would justify pushing Princeton's founding date back to 1726, earlier than Penn's 1740. However, Princeton has not done so, and a Princeton historian says that "the facts do not warrant" such an interpretation.

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