Songs of Faith and Devotion albümünden
Depeche Mode single
Yayımlanma 13 Eylül 1993 (1993-09-13)
Format 7", 12", CD, MC, CD-R
Kaydedilme 1992-1993
Tarz Gospel, Electropop, Alternative rock, Piano rock
Süre 3:22 (single version)
3:28 (album version)
Şirket Mute - Bong 23
Yazar Martin Gore
Yapımcı Depeche Mode, Flood
Depeche Mode single kronolojisi

"Walking in My Shoes"


"In Your Room"

"Condemnation", Depeche Mode'in ikinci albümü Songs of Faith and Devotion'tan bir şarkı.


1. David Gahan - lead vocals
2. Martin Gore - backing vocals, sampler
3. Alan Wilder - piano, backing vocals, drums
4. Andrew Fletcher - keyboard, backing vocals

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