Komiser Columbo

Columbo veya Komiser Columbo, 1971 ile 1978 yılları arasında NBC televizyon kanalında yayınlanmış bir dizidir. Başrolünde Peter Falk'ın yer aldığı Columbo, Türkiye'de TRT'de ve RetroMax kanallarında yayınlanmıştır. Türkiye'de Komiser Columbo'yu tiyatro sanatçısı Savaş Başar seslendirmişti.


Nr. Türkçe ismi Orijinal ismi Katil Katili oynayan Yıl
1 Prescription: Murder Dr. Ray Flemming Gene Barry 1968
2 Ransom for a dead man Leslie Williams Lee Grant 1971
3 Murder by the book Ken Franklin Jack Cassidy 1971
4 Death lends a hand Privatdetektiv Brimmer Robert Culp 1971
5 Dead weight General Martin J. Hollister Eddie Albert 1971
6 Suitable for framing Dale Kingston Ross Martin 1971
7 Lady in waiting Beth Chadwick Susan Clark 1971
8 Short fuse Roger Stanford Roddy McDowall 1972
9 Blueprint for murder Elliott Markham Patrick O'Neal 1972
10 Etude in black Alexander Benedict John Cassavetes 1972
11 The greenhouse jungle Jarvis Goodland Ray Milland 1972
12 The most crucial game Paul Hanlon Robert Culp 1972
13 Dagger of the mind Nicholas Frame
Lillian Stanhope
Richard Basehart
Honor Blackman
14 Requiem for a falling star Nora Chandler Anne Baxter 1973
15 A stitch in crime Dr. Barry Mayfield Leonard Nimoy 1973
16 The most dangerous match Emmet Clayton Laurence Harvey 1973
17 Double shock Dexter und Norman Paris Martin Landau 1973
18 Lovely but lethal Viveca Scott Vera Miles 1973
19 Any old port in a storm Adrian Carsini Donald Pleasence 1973
20 Candidate for crime Nelson Hayward Jackie Cooper 1973
21 Double exposure Dr. Bart Kepple Robert Culp 1973
22 Publish or perish Riley Greenleaf Jack Cassidy 1974
23 Mind over mayhem Dr. Marshall Cahill Jose Ferrer 1974
24 Swan song Tommy Brown Johnny Cash 1974
25 A friend in deed Mark Halperin Richard Kiley 1974
26 An exercise in fatality Milo Janus Robert Conrad 1974
27 Negative reaction Paul Galesko Dick van Dyke 1974
28 By dawn's early light Colonel Lyle C. Rumford Patrick McGoohan 1974
29 Troubled waters Hayden Danzinger Robert Vaughn 1975
30 Playback Harold van Wyck Oskar Werner 1975
31 A deadly state of mind Dr. Marc Collier George Hamilton 1975
32 Forgotten lady Grace Wheeler Janet Leigh 1975
33 A case of immunity Hassan Salah Hector Elizondo 1975
34 Identity crisis Nelson Brenner Patrick McGoohan 1975
35 A matter of honor Luis Montoya Ricardo Montalban 1976
36 Now you see him Der Magier „Santini“ Jack Cassidy 1976
37 Last salute to the commodore Swanny Swanson Fred Draper 1976
38 Fade in to murder Ward Fowler William Shatner 1976
39 Old-fashioned murder Ruth Lytton Joyce van Patten 1976
40 The bye-bye sky high I.Q. murder case Oliver Brandt Theodore Bikel 1977
41 Try and catch me Abigail Mitchell Ruth Gordon 1977
42 Murder under glass Paul Gerard Louis Jourdan 1978
43 Make me a perfect murder Kay Freestone Trish Van Devere 1978
44 How to dial a murder Dr. Eric Mason Nicol Williamson 1978
45 The conspirators Joe Devlin Clive Revill 1978
46 Columbo goes to the guillotine Elliott Blake Anthony Andrews 1989
47 Murder, smoke and shadows Alex Bradey Fisher Stevens 1989
48 Sex and the married detective Dr. Joan Allenby Lindsay Crouse 1989
49 Grand deceptions Colonel Frank Braille Robert Foxworth 1989
50 Murder, a self portrait Max Barsini Patrick Bauchau 1989
51 Columbo cries wolf Sean Brantley Ian Buchanan 1990
52 Agenda for murder Oscar Finch Patrick McGoohan 1990
53 Rest in peace, Mrs. Columbo Vivian Dimitri Helen Shaver 1990
54 Uneasy lies the crown Wesley Corman James Read 1990
55 Murder in Malibu Wayne Jennings Andrew Stevens 1990
56 Columbo goes to college Justin Rowe
Cooper Redman
Stephen Caffrey
Gary Hershberger
57 Caution: murder can be hazardous to your health Wade Anders George Hamilton 1991
58 Columbo and the murder of a rock star Hugh Creighton Dabney Coleman 1991
59 Death hits the jackpot Leon Lamarr Rip Torn 1991
60 No time to die – (Cinayet işlenmiyor) 1992
61 A bird in the hand… Dolores McCain Tyne Daly 1992
62 It's all in the game Lauren Staton Faye Dunaway 1993
63 Butterfly in shades of gray Fielding Chase William Shatner 1994
64 Undercover Irving Krutch Ed Begley Junior 1994
65 Strange bedfellows Graham McVeigh George Wendt 1995
66 A trace of murder – 25th anniversary Patrick Kingsley David Rasche 1997
67 Ashes to ashes Eric Prince Patrick McGoohan 1998
68 Murder with too many notes Findlay Crawford Billy Connolly 2000
69 Columbo Likes the Nightlife Vanessa Farrow
Justin Prince
Jennifer Sky
Matthew Rhys
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