1952 Kış Olimpiyatları madalya sıralaması

Sıra Ülke Altın Gümüş Bronz Toplam
1  Norveç (NOR) 73616
2  Amerika Birleşik Devletleri (USA) 46111
3  Finlandiya (FIN) 3429
4  Almanya (GER) [1]3227
5  Avusturya (AUT) 2428
6  Kanada (CAN)1012
6  İtalya (ITA) 1012
8  Büyük Britanya (GBR) 1001
9  Hollanda (NED) 0303
10  İsveç (SWE) 0044
11  İsviçre (SUI) 0022
12  Fransa (FRA) 0011
12  Macaristan (HUN) 0011
Total 22222367

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  1. The IOC medal table currently shows medals won by both "Germany GER" and "Federal Republic of Germany (1950-1990, GER since) FRG, which have been combined here. The official report for these Games refers to Germany, not West Germany or FRG. Future participation of East Germany was discussed during the IOC meeting, with the National Olympic Committee of the German Democratic Republic not to be recognized until 1968.
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