We believe the school has unfairly targeted groups of students. The school should protect marginalised races, religions and other groups instead of target them.


The academy placed new rules that would punish students with Afro hairstyles, clearly discriminating against Black students.

“(The new policy) is racist because it says haircuts that ‘block views’, but that implies afros.

~ an anonymous student speaking to South London Press

Students were outraged that there was no recognition of the Black Lives Matter movement or Black History Month. In September, many students expected assemblies and i-space sessions to held in light of the Black Lives Matter movement to show solidarity and support for Black students but were disappointed. Instead, students were told to form a club to discuss their experiences, rather than uplifting the voices of Black students.

“with commencement of new leadership, it is clear that our voices aren’t being heard, and there are efforts being made to silence Blackness.”

~ an anonymous student

More recently, graffiti around Pimlico Academy showing disdain to the school left students and parents unfazed.

“The students and fellow parents aren’t particularly distressed by the graffiti because, at the end of the day, it echoes our views which the school’s leadership has been aware of for some time and chosen to ignore. When people have had enough then you see protests and displays like what’s currently written on the walls.”

~ an anonymous parent speaking to The Independent


The academy has faced further accusations of discrimination for saying hijabs must be black but other clothing can be any colour. This challenges young Muslim girls’ identity.

“As a student who is both black and Muslim, I’ve always felt as though my culture and religious beliefs have been welcomed and respected. However, with more and more of these polices [sic] that limit our ability to express ourselves, I feel uncomfortable in my own skin because I feel like huge parts of my identity aren’t respected.”

~ an anonymous year 12 student

The new uniform policy includes that “if students choose to wear a headscarf, it must completely cover the hair”. This is harmful and insensitive towards girls who have just started to wear the hijab or are struggling with it. It is a personal choice which shouldn’t be decided by authorities who haven’t experienced this.


We believe the idea of gendered uniform for all students is a ridiculous, backwards ideal. This ostracises non-binary and gender non-conforming students, or those who are struggling with their gender identity.

“As a student that has been out as FTM transgender for 6 years i have faced ridiculous amounts of transphobia at the school - from being forced to do PE with the girls and denied the right to a male uniform for a year, whilst also being constantly misgendered. instead of fixing problems of transphobia, the school has only added fuel to the fire. i fear for the mental wellbeing of younger students who are already experiencing stress from their gender identity.”

~ M.O. on change.org


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We believe that the school has been inconsiderate of students and families living in poverty. All students should have fair treatment, especially in basic rights such as food and clothing.

With Mr Daniel Smith came a new sixth form uniform policy. Many protest as poor students are hit hard due to its abrupt implementation. After a petition gaining traction of 1200 signatures, students were reimbursed only £50, which parents complained was still not enough to cover a new wardrobe, especially with struggles with COVID.

“It will impose a financial burden on families who are already struggling during the worst recession in history. And at 2 weeks notice, after many will already have bought uniforms which are now ‘unacceptable’”

~ J.C. on change.org

Additionally, during lockdown, families eligible for free school meals were humiliated by schools across the country; Pimlico Academy one of them. Families were sent pots of flour and recipe sheets instead of food vouchers.

“It’s a really nice printed recipe book with really nice pictures on it. So the time and money they spent on printing on those papers, it’s just ridiculous. It’s very humiliating. Why would you decide for us? Why not give us the money?”

~ an anonymous parent speaking to politicshome.com


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We believe that students are not protected nor listened to when it comes to sexual assault. We want the school to feel safe for all students.

There have been three known cases of sexual assault within the sixth form. These have either been not looked into properly or have received dismissive responses. With the lack of urgency and attention towards such cases, students are unable to feel as though they are being taken seriously or being listened to, discouraging others from speaking up.

“We recognise that children cannot be expected to raise issues that worry them if they feel unsafe or they feel that they will not be taken seriously or where staff fail to act in response to their concerns.”

~ Pimlico Academy on Whisleblowing

A school where children feel unsafe, not taken seriously or expect failure to respond, is not one we should have.


Pimlico Academy Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy


We believe that the curriculum does not currently represent its pupils. We should see ourselves and our backgrounds represented in our studies.

The rewritten, chronological history curriculum means that the focus is on white British kings and queens.

“Part of education is to experience lots of different perspectives. If you are only hearing the perspective of the white, middle classes – it becomes very restrictive and shuts off our ability to build empathy with those from different backgrounds – it becomes isolating for students from minority backgrounds.”

~an anonymous teacher who has since resigned over the matter after teaching for nearly a decade

The arts, which Pimlico was once renowned for, are being neglected. Once art and music teachers leave, they won’t be replaced. The entire DT department has been converted into offices.

Pimlico boasts several famous actors, such as Thomas Brodie-Sangster.


The Guardian - ‘Not seeing ourselves represented’: union jack row at London school shows divides