An experimental project with focus on variant and cyclical circulating supply combined with user rewards.

Basic Information

 Platform: Ethereum  ERC20 
Language:  Vyper   
Category: Experimental DeFi
Contract: 0x62f02281252417aaae11fafc4b986d42071d1662

Maximum Supply: 100,000 GAL
Minimum Supply: 10 GAL - 10,000 GAL*
*Defined per turn
Creator: Dr. Mantis

Launch in:

Project Info


Galore is an ERC20 token that's fully programmed to burn and mint supply in accordance to token usage. Trading of GAL is programmatically rewarded with airdrops every 200 transactions.
Partly inspired by BOA and Ampleforth, GAL is a token made for traders.

Galore supply features resumed:

  • Maximum supply is capped at 100,000 GAL.
  • Circulating supply starts at 100,000 GAL.
  • 1.25% of every transaction will be burned.
  • 0.85% of every transaction goes to an airdrop address.
  • 0.50% of every transaction goes to the owner, marketing and liquidity incrementation.
  • Airdrops happen programmatically from the airdrop address every 200 transactions, and are delivered to the last 200 addresses that transferred or traded GAL.
  • A minimum supply of 10,000 GAL is set (Turn 1).
  • When supply goes from the maximum supply to the minimum supply, that is called 1 Turn and vice-versa.
  • Once GAL hits the minimum supply level, the turn ends and a new turn gets started. In the new turn it stops burning and starts minting towards the maximum supply level. The minting is done every transaction and is given to the wallet of the person emitting the transaction.
  • The burn and airdrop rates increase every airdrop and turn until the minimum supply is reached, once the new turn gets initiated, these rates go back to a slightly higher rate than the initial conditions of the previous turn.
  • The minting rate increases and decreases with the burn rate even if minting is inactive.
  • When the maximum supply is reached, a new turn is initiated, minting stops, burning starts, and the burn and airdrop rates start rising.
  • A fail-safe condition has been set in case the burn, mint and airdrop rates get too high (20%) over time and so it defaults to the initial rates. Likewise, a fail-safe condition has been set in case the burn, mint and airdrop rates get too low. (1% burn/mint)
  • The minimum supply for Turn 3 is 1,000 GAL
  • The minimum supply for Turn 5 is 10,000 GAL
  • The minimum supply for Turn 7 is 10 GAL
  • The minimum supply for Turn 9 and onwards is 10,000 GAL
  • All Galore holders will be eligible for an airdrop on the next experimental token by Dr. Mantis at the time of launch.

Galore has been back-tested multiple times on a sandbox environment. More than 1M transactions have been simulated.

Here's a representative example of how the total supply will change in the first 5 turns with the number of GAL trades/transactions. The maximum supply will always be 100,000 GAL

Galore FAQ

Will there be a pre-sale?

No. It goes straight to Uniswap.

Will liquidity be locked?

Yes, liquidity will be locked. Not only will liquidity be locked but it will be keep on being added by the owner wallet, although the pace of liquidity addition will be rather slow, but constant. Liquidity locking will be able to be verified on Etherscan.

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