Sponsor Cosmos HackAtom VI with ecosystem development fund

Topic: Sponsor Cosmos HackAtom VI with ecosystem development fund

Type: Text Proposal

By voting YES to this proposal, LIKE stakers show their support for LikeCoin sponsoring Cosmos HackATOM VI between November 11th – December 8th.


This is a signaling proposal to sponsor Cosmos HackATOM VI and related marketing events with 50,000USDe of LIKE using the ecosystem development pool. LikeCoin was a HackATOM and Cross-chain Hackathon awardee and would like to take this chance to contribute back to the biggest HackAtom in Cosmos history.

As a Cosmos HackATOM VI silver sponsor, LikeCoin will be able to build 1 challenge for one main prize category. All sponsorship amounts are going to the prize pool to the developers building the LikeCoin challenge and will be distributed to the winners. The sponsorship will be paid in LIKE token at a parity according to a fixed day market price set ahead of time with Tendermint; the winners will be receiving ATOM.

More about the HackAtom: http://www.hackatom.org/