Send BTC over lightning network to .eth domain
(credit: esteroids.eth.limo)
(disclaimer: only tested with ln.tips lightning wallet)

1. Your mydomain.eth domain (duh)

2. A lightning wallet to connect to your .eth domain
Tip: try ln.tips by pinging @LightningTipBot on Telegram. Your lightning wallet name should then be username@ln.tips on Telegram.
This is where you will receive your BTC sent over lightning network to your .eth domain.

3. Another lightning wallet to send money to your .eth domain.
[Pro Tip 1] Make two accounts on ln.tips on Telegram, or use coinos.io
[Pro Tip 2] You can populate your lightning wallets from Bitfinex or zbd.gg Discord bot (max 42 sats)

Follow these steps:
1. Host your .eth domain content over IPNS instead of IPFS
(massive shoutout to esteroids for letting me test their beta ENS + IPNS dwebservice which made this process so much faster)

2. Create the following directory tree in your IPNS home folder (e.g. myfolder): myfolder/.well-known/lnurlp/

3. Create a file in myfolder/.well-known/lnurlp/ named username, and populate it with content using this template.

You should now be able to send BTC over lightning network to username@mydomain.eth.limo from your another ln.tips or coinos.io wallet