30-50 Feral Hogs

Charging into yards as ERC-721A NFTs depicting pixel-art style hogs as what may be the first (or at the least, one of very few) full-body NFTs that work well as a PFP image. Discounted mint is available to HODL'ers of certain creator-driven NFT projects and social tokens. The team has reserved up to 50 Hogs for giveaways, community rewards, and yard invasions. Inspired by the inquisitive tweet that took the internet by storm in the summer of 2019, 30-50 Feral Hogs is a memetic NFT project with a loosely defined roadmap, no dedicated discord, and an uncommonly active Twitter. Every Feral Hog is not only a unique and perfectly meme-able digital asset, but also serves as your lifetime membership pass to in the Feral Hog Yard Club, including all of the Web3, Metaverse and IRL benefits provided to members.


The Feral Finder Challenge

Every Feral Hog is a one-of-a-kind visual masterpiece, but some hogs are rarer than others... and fewer still are the stuff of legend... and usually, where there's a legend, there's a treasure. Loosely based on the "Fancy Chase" challenges of OG NFT project CryptoKitties; the Feral Hogs Yacht Club implements a "Mint-to-Earn" mechanic. More details to be revealed along the roadmap shown below.

Our Tentative Yardmap

Originally, the roadmap was planned to be a single sentence; 'Under-promise, over deliver'. But instead, since there's actually a diverse range of utilities and benefits we're certain we can live up to, we put together the roadmap seen here. Feel free to voice your interpretations; we might confirm if you're right. Full details will be revealed to HODL'ers at the appropriate times.


Most of the roadmap pictured is intentionally mysterious; but we were intentional about labeling 'The Yard'... but obviously it's where Feral Hogs hang out.